Q?In what areas does Barron Builders work?

Barron Builders works throughout the Bay Area, including downtown San Francisco, the East Bay, and the Silicon Valley.

Q?How do subcontractors get a chance to work with Barron Builders?

Subcontractors interested in working with Barron Builders can go to the Our Network page, download the Prequalification Form and submit the requested information to subcontractors@BarronBuilders.com.

Q?What is Barron Builders’ safety record?

Barron Builders’ award-winning safety program is among the best in the industry. Organizations such as the State Compensation Insurance Fund and ISNetworld thoroughly review our program to validate our firm’s sterling safety record.

Safety is part of the value we as a General Contractor provide, preventing accidents that could expose clients to delays in their project and even financial loss.

Our subcontractor team is expected to exemplify the same sentiment and diligent effort to build safely.

Q?Who do I contact at Barron Builders about a project I’d like to build?

You can contact Aaron Hill at 650.964.4493 to find answers to any questions you might have about a project you’d like to build.¬†It would be our privilege¬†to help you get started.

Q?Does Barron Builders offer Design-Build services?

Yes! We’re experts in the design-build process and can put the best team of designers and subcontractors to get your project started fast and deliver your new space when you need it.

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