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Barron builds for some of the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area and the world. Such explosive growth demands that contractors be timely, precise and flexible within a dynamic construction process. Barron has developed a Fast Track Management System that reduces the time to turnaround pricing, mobilizes construction faster and builds more efficiently so the facility is available when the client needs it.

When time available for construction is scarce, the Design-Build method of delivery can be the most efficient avenue. It eliminates the design-value engineer process and enables the architect and General Contractor design a project side-by-side. Collaborating from the beginning enables the project team to develop the most efficient construction method, specify the most cost-effective materials that fit within the demands of the schedule and allow for construction costs to be continuously monitored.

Clients may often feel that this method eliminates the savings created through competitive bidding. At first glance this would appear to be valid, however, there are many cost drivers in the design-bid-build process that aren’t so obvious. By the time design is complete and contractors’ bids are submitted, construction could be ramping up. It is not uncommon for quoted prices to fall beyond the budget, requiring architects to go back to the drawing board to develop a more cost-effective design. Once the redesign is completed, either only a few or perhaps all of the original bidding contractors are invited to bid again, adding more time to the process.

Even if this finalized design comes in under budget, a contract is executed and construction begins, change orders may begin pouring in. A project awarded to the lowest bidder often incentivizes contractors to bid only what is on the drawings and omitting design elements that are missing or conflicting. When a contract is executed, subcontractors and the General Contractor begin submitting change order after change order, which can add substantial cost, create disputes during the project and potentially slow the job down.

Barron Builders Design-Builds most of its projects. Clients trust Barron because we take a transparent approach to the construction process. We take the time to work alongside architects to develop a design that best meets the needs of our clients. Our collaborative approach ensures the most complete and efficient design is achieved before determining construction cost. Barron solicits bids from multiple subcontractors for each trade to ensure an cost-competitive price is obtained and we invite our clients to review all subcontractor quotes to reassert only the best value is selected.

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