Pre-construction Services

Planning is one of the most critical elements to successful project delivery. Barron Builders assists clients during the planning process or, Pre-construction phase, often very early on. We survey a client’s facility to help identify areas where repair might be needed or upgrades be made. If there is a need for a General Contractor, Barron can put together a scope of work with the client or recommend a competent subcontractor whom they could work with directly at a lower cost. The advice we give clients is always in their best interest in mind.

When a scope of work is available, Barron’s team can put together a budget or Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) to assess the cost of the project. The quality or completeness of a budget depends on the detail available in the drawings, if any. Even if no drawings are available, Barron can draw from its vast project¬†experience to offer cost per square foot assessments based on the complexity of the project and the level finishes desired by the client.

When plans are available, Barron’s experience project team can review the drawings and specified finishes to identify areas where savings can be achieved. Barron can work with the architect and client to find alternative materials that can lower cost while preserving the look and feel of original design. Our project team can also seek out more efficient building methods that can help reduce time of construction and bring the move-in date closer.

Contact Barron Builders today and let us help you develop the best plan to take your idea from concept to completion.

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