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An accident on a jobsite can mean the difference between completing a project on time and failing to meet a deadline. The implications of missing a delivery date can be vast, which is one of the primary reasons an effective safety program is so important. At Barron Builders, our award-winning safety program protects our clients by focusing on prevention through education, training, planning and follow through.

Safety is a mindset

An effective safety program requires far more than a set of rules on a sign or checklists to be effective. Barron Builders understands that for a safety program to truly be successful, each team member must be trained not only to work safe, but to think safe. Every Barron Builders team member undergoes extensive training, both in-house and through leading organizations to keep their skills current, sharpen their judgment and better manage safe jobsites.

Results Matter

Barron Builders’ system of rigorous training, thorough planning and diligent management and follow through has firmly established Barron Builders as a leading General Contractor at the forefront of safety. In fact, Barron Builders ThinkSafe safety program has received an A rating from ISNetworld, an international authority on safety and an industry leader in assessing and rating contractor safety programs. We have also been awarded for our exceptional program by the State Compensation Insurance Fund of California.

Why Clients Should Care

An accident can shut a job down, causing delays to a project and potentially affecting the final delivery date. If an accident occurs at an occupied or active facility, the business’ operations can be adversely impacted. In addition to inspecting jobsite practices and conditions, OSHA can also inspect the client’s facilities. Accidents can expose clients to liabilities, opening up potential for litigation and financial impact.

Barron Builders proactively works to protect clients and construction crews to ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day without incident and the project is delivered without interruption.

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