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Guiding Your Project To Success

You have an idea, but you’re not sure what it will take to actually build it. With Project Navigator, your dedicated Barron Builders professional will sit with you to identify where you are in the process and give you a turn-by-turn roadmap to your destination, where your idea becomes a reality.

Your Project Navigator Solution Includes:

Needs Assessment: Articulate abstract ideas into concrete goals.

Site Survey: Analyze your project’s location to identify obstacles and opportunities to meeting your goals.

Constructability: Evaluate your concept to determine feasibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

Scope Development: Generate a comprehensive list of construction items needed to complete your project.

Budgeting: Generate an itemized construction estimate, including soft costs like design fees and permit fees.

Value Engineering: Identify cost centers, cost effective material alternatives and a more efficient design to help you stay within your budget

Scheduling: Develop a comprehensive schedule to include activities from preliminary design to final delivery to ensure you get your project when you need it.

We can either guide you to your destination or take the wheel to make sure your project is delivered when you need it and for the price you were promised.

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